On Happiness

From BrainyQuote.com
From BrainyQuote.com

For quite some time now, I have carried around a list of goals in my mind like an anchor. Sometimes an anchor centers you; it pulls in your focus and reminds you of what’s really important to you. And sometimes an anchor is just that: a dead weight. A dock. A standstill. Goals are wonderful- without them, we wouldn’t push ourselves on towards anything better. But recently, it’s become really evident to me that your goals should not push you towards some THING that is better; they should push you to be some ONE who is better.

What’s better? Is it having more money? Is it having power, or position, or a ton of people who fawn over you? Or is it this:

Found on Intentionally-Inspired.com
Found on Intentionally-Inspired.com

Happiness to me, these days, is all about what you DO. If what you do aligns with who you want to be, and most of us want to be a source of light and love to this world, you will always be happy. If your happiness is not on how much joy you can scoop up and gather to yourself, but rather how much joy you can scoop up and hand to other people, happiness just isn’t all that hard to find.

I think this is something that’s really important for those of us with mental illness to remember. It’s very hard to “feel” happy sometimes when you’re struggling with depression, or the guilt you may feel after some pretty stupid things you’ve done while manic. (Or whatever your experience happens to be.) Write down a list of the good things you DO. I think DO turns into FEEL pretty quickly. Don’t write yourself a list of the not so good things you do. You become what you focus on.

The best Christians focus on becoming more like Christ, and less like Joel Osteen. *ehem* They do best when they aim FOR something, instead of just running AWAY from what they fear. You can spend your life running from your demons, and focusing on that, or you can spend your life chasing the dreams that God gave you.

Speaking of which, I’m learning the ukulele and it’s the best thing ever!

I had a dream for years about learning an instrument so I could sing and play. But did I do anything about it? No. I just stewed, and wished, and didn’t put in any time, money, or effort towards my goal of being an instrumentalist as well as a vocalist. Until recently. See, I’ve been on this DO kick.

And I really, really, really like it.