Ups and Downs

23117008Today is day 9, and I got to take a really fun detour from my program, and have some dental surgery. Having the tooth removed was the wisest decision for my health, but it came along with some nasty chemicals. First off, I was put under anesthesia, and then sent home with antibiotics, 600 mg ibuprofen, a mouth rinse, and some hydrocodone. I plan on not touching the hydro if I don’t need it (thus far I have not), but I have to do the ibuprofen to keep the swelling at bay, and I can’t fudge on the antibiotics or the rinse.

The oral rinse has freaking SACCHARIN in it. Makes me so mad. Why do we humans have to make everything taste “good (if that’s what you want to call it), instead of just keeping it as natural as possible? I have no doubt there are necessary health benefits to me using the rinse, and I will follow doctor’s orders, but it really pisses me off. And it’s also apparently giving me a headache. (Or perhaps that’s the detoxing of the anesthesia?) It feels especially ironic, because headaches weren’t one of my complaints before starting this program. Don’t you just love it?

It seems like life is that way, sometimes. There’s always a pitfall thrown in your way, and those can definitely make you want to give up. It seems so easy: I will probably have to do my 10 day trial over again, why not dig into the Halloween candy? I have a headache now, so obviously there are toxins in me. Just give up. This isn’t worth it.

No. Just no. For the first time in my life, I have never wanted to give something up LESS. Prior to today, I was feeling amazing. Not hungry, no cravings, enjoying my food and it’s natural flavors, no digestive issues or other complaints, skin beginning to clear (slowly) of my psoriasis, better mood, less cranky. So no, Halloween candy, you don’t win. This wins. I WIN.

But today kind of sucks. Is that okay?


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