Moving into Phase 2

crabI will now begin to add new foods to my repertoire, one or two at a time, to see if I have reactions to them as I add them back in. Tonight, I got to have… CRAB!!! (In fact, the crab that you see at the left. If you have a Fred Meyer or QFC near you, please accept my recommendation of this product! DELICIOUS and EASY – these legs and claws are pre-cracked, so you just get to do the chomping.)

I devoured the whole box, and I don’t feel bad, because prior to my seafood feast tonight, my total food consumption was two chicken leg and some roasted yellow squash and apples. So there.

I am short on thoughts this evening, but there has been a mantra that has been building up in me and I’d like to share it with you – it’s my one BLAMMO thought summing up my whole experience on this crazy sensitivity/intolerance train, thus far.

If you stop eating for pleasure, you will find pleasure in what you eat.

I don’t know how many pieces of advice, or articles, or blogs, or tips from friends, or little whisperings from primary care doctors I have heard over the years, that sounded something like “well, if you just eat things that are good for you, eventually you won’t want to eat X, Y, and Z anymore!”

I personally think that’s oversimplifying the process a bit. The first 5 days, or so, of eating this new way… I won’t say they were hard, but they felt really “boring.” As my body slowly let go of the toxins, artificial sweeteners, high fructose poisons, and MSG laden flavors, my mouth became MINE again. I could taste more subtle flavors, and enjoy the new textures.

You should see me eat an apple with some peanut butter now. You’d think you just gave me a banana split.

Do I miss other foods sometimes? Well, yeah, of course. Yesterday, I had to walk through one of my favorite food courts, one of which specializes in all sorts of international cuisine. The smell was overpoweringly amazing. And I know, I know, I just started. There’s going to come a point when I’m sick of this whole shebang. But not today.

What I’m really marveling at is how you can adapt to new foods, and once you let go of food having to entertain you… you just may be entertained anyway.


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