Just a number

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart ScaleAlthough weight loss is no longer the focus of my goals, it is a side effect of the changes I am making. For the past two years, I dedicated plenty of time, energy and money into trying different ways to achieve weight loss, and I was having more and more difficulty succeeding. It didn’t seem to matter if I cut calories, exercised, drank more water, or completely changed my food credo. (Paleo, anyone? Weight Watchers anyone? Going insane, anyone?)

The whole term “Weight Loss Program” is loaded with problems. First of all, no one wants to lose weight, they want to lose fat. We have been brainwashed by so many influences that this number on the scale is the be all and end all of health information. I do have a lot of “weight” to lose, but I want it to be the right kind of weight coming off. Until my body becomes used to the pounding I’m giving it at the gym, I may even gain a pound or two. If I were focused on “weight loss,” this could be really upsetting to me (and has been in the past), but because I’m focused on my all over health and I know that what I’m putting in to my body, and what I’m making my body do are completely healthy things for me, I can rest assured that my scale is not trying to personally insult me and ruin my day.

Be that as it may, while I was considering keeping this private before, and I certainly have no intent to make announcements like this on a consistent basis, I’d like to share that I am 24 pounds lighter than I was at some earlier point in this year, with 11 of those pounds having left me since October 28th when I started LEAP. This is positive feedback for my health progress, and that makes me happy. But I have more important indicators than just a stupid number.

  • I have more energy
  • All of my pants are too big
  • My waist is smaller than I’ve seen it in months (maybe even years)
  • I can work out for much longer than I believed I would be able to
  • My mood is uplifted most of the time; my bipolar hasn’t seemed to be able to drag me down as easy, now that I’m not eating foods that sicken my body
  • Pretty much all of the health problems that were plaguing me before are gone, if not drastically reduced

There’s way more to health than how much you weigh. That’s just part of the whole picture.

One of the greatest signs to me that I’m achieving more and more of my goals is that I LIKE the whole picture. I love and accept all of myself, even the parts I’d like to see be different. This body is allowing me to use it to achieve my goals. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?


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