I’m sorry I fell off the posting bandwagon – I have simply been too busy! If I’m not doing one of what feels like a million grocery shopping trips, I’m working out or hanging with friends and family. I’ve got so many big life changes going on right now, it feels like I barely have time to think. I am blogging from my phone or this would never happen 😉

I think I can sum up what I want to say by CTRL+C & CTRL+V-ing some facebook posts I made over the last few days:

“This has been one of the biggest, craziest, best, worst, most intense, most heart breaking, most fulfilling, loving years of my life. Healthwise, I had an organ removed, a ridiculous amount of dental issues, and found out I’m allergic to LIFE. I felt like rolling over but instead I got serious and took my life back. My journey finally stopped being about weight loss and magically it’s coming off like melting butter while I eat amazing food and work out doing what I love. I lost a friend who was much too young. I turned 30 and was celebrated by the people in my world who love me with words AND actions, people I aspire to emulate. My mother in law spent a year with is in our home and taught me more than I thought possible, and though I will be sad to see her go, the perfect situation opened up for her and the changes of life are sometimes beautiful. My time with her has been precious. My husband and I fell in love again for the umpteenth time, and we are closing in on our 12th anniversary soon. My son is getting great help at school, and last but not least our family found a church that not only felt like home right away, but also has made special steps for Xander and the other autistic kids in his class. Our last challenge this year is for Will and his back. I’m not here to be negative though, and I’m learning to embrace life where it’s at, so I am thankful for the time that he’s home. So I am thankful, very very thankful. Love to all.”

“Day 4 of rotation diet. I am down 16 pounds since beginning Oct 28, and for the whole year I am down 29 pounds. I surprised myself yesterday by getting a size smaller workout pants than I thought I would (and jeans too)! I have so much energy, and here’s an AMAZING benefit: because of the holiday and my forgetfulness, I had two days in a row with NO BIPOLAR MEDS. I had some physical side effects but ZERO mental side effects. No depression or crazy mania. Got my meds this morning, like a good girl 😉 I even worked out this morning, and just like [our fellow LEAPSTER] said, no temptation with “the feast.” This is sooooo worth it.”

My life has been so transformed over the last few months I almost have whiplash. But I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life. Thankfulness is something I don’t have to strive for this year, it is coming really easy. Love to all of you and I thank you so much for your love and support.


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