3 Times

The holiday season turned me into quite a fibber- I’ve been telling folks for about a month that I “work out at the gym 3X a week.” Well… that was true… before like the second week of December. I call the holiday season the gauntlet, for a few reasons: 2 Christmas parties that are a tradition (this year they were on the same day, and we made it to a part of each), my husband’s birthday (the 19th), my son’s birthday (the 24th), Christmas itself, New Years Eve, and then our wedding anniversary on the 4th of January (12 years!). All of this makes for a very busy Christina and Co., and keeping up with any type of schedule just flies out the window. I suppose that if I’d been working out steadily for the year, I could have muscled through (ha ha) the holiday season with a “you can’t mess with my groove!” attitude, but as it is, my habits are still pretty new. So “I work out 3X a week” was like “I work out Monday nights and then feel guilty 2 more days a week.”

I learned a few things, in this season of semi-effectiveness. I took all of these things into account when creating the expected “New Years Resolutions.”

  1. Not sweaty Christina is VERY CRANKY. I’m awful. Short tempered, lethargic, sleep gets really elusive, and I eat terribly. I become an ineffective human being. It makes me seriously question how I lived most of my life without exercise!
  2. Eating terribly these days can very well mean not eating much at all. I DO. NOT. LOSE. WEIGHT. when I under eat. In fact, I will have a stall for days when I don’t eat enough, and then I eat enough calories the next day and drop. It goes against everything that “conventional” (b.s.) wisdom tells us – extreme calorie restriction unless done in a very, very specific way, just doesn’t cut it.
  3. The only way to make this healthy life work is to have a regular bed time and wake time. This is THE HARDEST. THE HARDEST THING FOR ME. I hate going to bed on time, always have (ask my parents). Well, hardest next to giving up chocolate. For a very long time, I have been going to bed between 1 and 2:30 AM, and then rolling out of bed 5 minutes before 9 AM, when my work shift starts. For one thing, that’s not enough sleep. Not even close. For another, my goal is to have my two non-class workouts happen before work, which means I have to get up at 7. That’s really, really early for me. I am not a morning person. But I couldn’t completely blame my difficulties in waking up on not loving mornings, if I was only getting 5-6 hours of sleep some nights.

All those lessons added up to these resolutions:

  1. I am working out Monday night at 6:30, going to a group dance class. It is the hardest thing for me. It gives me anxiety every single Monday, and then I go and love it. I am slowly getting over people “watching” me “dance.” (The air-quotes are because I’m not entirely sure that what I do in that class is dancing.) I also work out Wednesday morning, which is my weights day. Friday is 50 minutes on the elliptical, my max time thus far. I would assume that within a few weeks of making this my regular M-W-F schtick, I’ll be up to a full hour.
  2. At some point (I am seriously dragging my feet on this one) I need to make a menu, and I need to make it for 2 weeks so I can just leave it on rotation. At some time I will explain why food is now even more complicated for me than it was before, but meh. Suffice it to say I need to stop “winging it” on my food plan.
  3. Up at 7 AM, down at 11 PM (or 11:30 if I have to fudge it). No excuses. I’m doing okay on this one so far, last night we had a kitchen installation debacle that kind of pushed that aside, but life happens. If I don’t do this, I will not be able to work out the way I want to. I enjoy working out in the evenings, but it really disrupts your life. You lose out on family time, and there seems to be no time for anything besides working out and dinner. Morning workouts are really the only thing that make sense to me right now.

On a personal level, I am also going to read the Bible daily this year. I’m taking it one chapter at a time.

At last update, I had lost 29 pounds. I’m now down 43 and I feel fantastic. I have already dropped 4 sizes, and I can’t seem to keep up with pants. I get a pair that feels nice and tight and soon they are trying to slide away! I mean, it’s a good thing, but it also drives me nuts. I HATE loose pants. Grrr. Pants and bras ladies, am I right?!

I am waiting for the Amazon fairy to bring me a few little gems to up my workout game:

dancesocks locklacespink

I got the DANCESOCKS for my Monday night Rizzmic class. The floor at my gym is super waxed and your athletic shoes just grip. I can’t get my swivel on! I will let you all know if these things work – they had great reviews on Amazon. If you haven’t tried Lock Laces, I suggest you check them out. Very affordable and turn any pair of lace up shoes into slip-ons. Plus the elastic adds compression to your shoe, which is very nice for stability.

I’m off and “running” for 2015! What about you?