Challenging my truth… “Surprise!”

So this won’t be the focus of this post, but I went vegan the first week of June of this year. I have experienced overall positive effects. Definitely some trial and error, but overall I’m super happy with my decision (health wise) and I’m 100% on board with the socioeconomic and spiritual positives.

That said… did you know that Trader Joe’s has delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies? :p

My clothes have started fitting different – I was feeling like I was losing some weight (slowly, which is what I’m after), so I decided to check the scale today. I haven’t weighed myself all year, other than at the doctor. So… SURPRISE: apparently I’ve lost a whole two pounds. My normal reaction to this would be to freak out, cry, hate myself, cut myself down and ironically (though I know you get this if you get food addiction) to go binge.

I have worked so hard, so so so hard over the last few months to develop healthy self-talk… that it’s starting to stick. I looked at the number. I said a few thankful words to myself that it wasn’t higher than the last time I’d checked, and I felt something I haven’t felt in awhile – motivation.

Not the crazy, LET’S GO ON A DIET!!!!!! kind of motivation that plagues extremists like myself, but a quiet voice that said, “Ah, well I can probably do better than that.”

So I thought about it. When I chose veganism, it was 50/50 on health/convictions. I told myself, “you have permission to take as long as you need to, to fix things up.” I realized that health and wellness isn’t all physical, and it’s not a race.

How many programs had I gone on? Only to totally fail and hate life. So I’m going to make ONE health goal happen per month. August is: drink enough water. Not MORE water, but ENOUGH water. Mindfully, with care, and with love for myself. Hydrate this body. I have been doing a terrible job of hydrating and I keep putting more focus into sugary drinks, coffee, tea, caffeinated things.

If I start organically making some other healthy choices alongside my goal of the month, well then awesome. Organic is the key word – forcing myself to completely change everything about my habits overnight has never worked for me. I’m too fascist. I beat myself up over mistakes.

So here goes the rest of my life… one month at a time.


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